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Did you know that many people do not have basic foods in their meals?

Our General Director, Marco Goudel, experienced this reality when he visited an association that houses children and noticed that for breakfast the little ones fed only on bread, because they had no milk to complete their meals. Concerned, he talked to other institutions and realized that the lack of this essential food was very common among them.

Currently, there are

178 Million

of malnourished children in the world

Source: Organização das Nações Unidas

Thus, a year ago was born the One for One, a project that takes milk to the table of children and so many other people in social vulnerability. With it, we want to minimize the impacts of malnutrition. But we go further, we deliver more than a nutrient-rich food that helps in the development and hydration of the body: we take attention, affection and joy.

1 process =
1 liter of milk

We converted each process performed with Mastersul into one liter of milk sent to children, adolescents, adults and the elderly at social risk. An amazing project that is only possible because we have the commitment of our employees and the trust of our customers!

Unforgettable moments


“It’s the first time I’ve participated in organizing a social action and the feeling is very good! It is very gratifying to help others, be it children or the elderly, and receive a “THANK YOU” in the form of a smile or in a simple glance. Milk is often not seen as a donation item, but we realize the lack of this basic food on a daily basis and we will work hard to reach the largest number of people with this project. It’s important to look beyond our lives, to worry about others and really do something to help those people who need it.”

Master Elizabeth – Administrativo

“Initiative note 1,000 and mission feeling accomplished! What is most pleased is to know that our presence was as important as the donation of milk. A small attitude, but one that becomes gigantic to see the smile stamped on each child’s face. I’m simply in love with The Master’s attitude.”

Master Fabiula – Desembaraço Aduaneiro Automotivo

Our business is to help people

Make a difference to you too. Join us in this beautiful project of life.

If you are an institution, or a future friend, and want to help us with this mission, please contact: or call to +55 (41) 3024-0100

Some of the institutions we have seen